Automated Panel Roll Forming Line With 14ft Pick and Place System.

High-end fully automated pick and place loading system for 14ft pre-cut panel is designed and build by KOLEV Engineering Inc. to work with 16 stations roll forming machine. The system works with 18Ga and 14Ga material thicknesses, sheet width 30” and 36”, length 8ft to 14ft. Maximum panel weight is up to 180lb.







KOLEV Eng. Pick and Place System
The pick and place system is equipped with suction vacuum cups, lifting a capacity weight up to 1000 lb. Servo motor driven carriage is shuttling the sheet from loading driven carts to stop and go conveyor. Group of sensors is controlling sheet metal availability on the stack, height travel-floating sensors are activating special air cylinder lock and secure precise contact with the sheet metal before vacuum activation. Vacuum sensors are reading vacuum availability in the vacuum system before lifting. Once dropped on the conveyor, the sheet panel is indexed by side pneumatic pusher against datum line prior to entry the rollforming machine.

The rollforming machine type is bottom driven by gear reducers for each station. Gears with specific ratio are paired for a bottom to top shaft drive. The designed combinations set of roll dies, spacers and quick change horseshoe spigot spacers in the rollforming machine makes the set up easy and quick for different panel sizes.


Dako Kolev P.Eng.
KOLEV Engineering Inc.
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Kolev Eng. Roll-foming Line 
Easy Setup for Different Panels