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Top Quality Custom Rollforming Machines
Designed and Built in Ontario, Canada

Roll Tooling

Roll Form Tooling Design and Manufacturing

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The Art of Designing Rolls

Our leading-edge roll tooling design is the key to any roll forming solution:

  • Construction building products
  • Roof panels, shelving, etc.
  • Custom shapes

Custom Rollforming Lines

Custom Design and Manufacture

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In roll forming, almost everything is considered custom. What makes it unique and really custom are the endless combinations between: roll-formed product shape (S), material mechanical properties (MMP), different material thickness – same profile (MT), holes pattern and notches (H&N), (HL) holes location and sizes within certain length, roll forming machine design type (RFMT), quality (RFMQ) and age (RFMA), (LS) line speed, line configuration – pre-cut or post-cut (LC), cut to length accuracy (CTL) etc & etc. In this formula a custom roll forming product (CRFP) is a function of all these variables:

CRFP = f(S + MMP + MT + H&N + HL + RFMT + RFMQ + RFMA + LS + LC + CTL+ etc.)

Within the same shape similarity, small change in one of the above variations creates brand new combination and different solutions. What is the right solution for your product?

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Automated Rollforming Systems

Special Purpose Rollform Machinery

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Kolev Engineering Inc. designs, configures and manufactures all kind of special purpose rollforming machinery.

We make highly automated rollforming lines that match your custom shape products and production needs.

Channels Rollforming Lines

Stud and Track, Light or Heavy Gauge, Joists

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Building and construction industry in the last decade increased tremendously its consumption of roll formed products . Stud and tracks roll formed products are like commodities. We offer complete Stud and track rollforming lines for the following range of material thicknesses:

  • Light gauge: 25Ga to 20Ga
  • Heavy gauge: 20Ga to 14Ga
  • Joists: 12 Ga

Metal Door Line

Metal Doors Line

Fully Automated Residential Production Lines

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KOLEV residential metal door (Steel Door) technology is designed for manufacturing doors from a single metal sheet to a complete polyurethane foamed door. The line is designed with options for door thickness.

  • 1 3/4″ North American standard
  • 1 1/2″ – Mexico and Latin America

Door sizes:

  • Width: Min 24″ – Max 42″
  • Height: Min 60″ – Max 92″
  • Line speed: 3-4 doors per min

Line options:

  • Fully Automated (95%)
  • Semi-Automated

Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow Metal Doors Rollforming Equipment

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Kolev Eng. designs, manufactures, and configures the necessary roll forming equipment for your hollow metal doors production:

  • Roll forming machine to roll form “Body” – pre cut sheet
  • Roll forming machine to roll form “Cover” – pre cut sheet
  • Roll forming machine to roll form and emboss top and bottom channels – pre-cut sheet
  • Channel corner punch press
  • Turret punch press– to pre punch on a pre-cut to size metal sheet: lock holes, cut-off hinges opening Prep holes
  • Honey cove Roller Glue applicator
  • Pinch rolls press
  • Weight press
  • Channel spot welding machine
  • Hinges and lock plate spot welding machine

Additional door feature is fire inspection window. There are different window frame designs. Most popular is quick window frame assembly by “Trim” and “Stop” roll forming parts” UL of Canada and UL of US approved Window Trim and Stop are manufactured in a separate roll forming lines

Wall Panel Rollforming Line

Wall Panel Rollforming Machines

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Variety of wall panels requires different line configuration. KOLEV technical team is expert to  configure the most efficient line for your wall panel.

Corrugated Rollforming

Corrugated Roll Forming Lines

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Our corrugated panel lines are offered in 2 type running modes: Stop and Go or Continuous Run

  • Line Speed up to 70 meters per min
  • Material thickness 0.45mm to 1.25mm zinc coated or pre-paint
  • Part cutlength 2m to 12 m

Line configuration and options:

  1. Ten-ton Uncoiler – Optional with coil car
  2. Entry Feed up Scissor table
  3. Rear cutter
  4. Entry Lubrication Unit
  5. Entry Guide
  6. Roll forming machine (Single or Double Decker)
  • Roll tooling space – 1110mm to 1550 mm
  • Quantity Roll forming Stations – from 12 to 28
  • Standard shaft Diameter – 90mm, 100mm or 110mm
  • Bonfiglioli gear reducers and chain transfer
  • Structural I beam or tubular base
  1. High speed Flying Cut-Off shear (Continuous run)
  2. Stationary Cut-Off shear (Stop and Go)
  3. Material handling system
  • High speed drop stacker with inline run out roller conveyor, or
  • Standard Drop Off stacker with inline or side discharge conveyor (roller or chain conveyor)

Highway Rail Guard

Highway Rail Guard Rollforming Machines

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KOLEV Engineering Inc. offers these products in the following line configurations:

  • 2 Waves or 3 Waves in separate lines
  • 2 Waves and 3 Waves in one line with either roll tooling change over or Cassettes change over

Guard Post and Stiffener are part of the rail guard assembly.

We offer any combination of rail guard products in one Cassette type roll forming line – save change over time and money.

Tube Mill Square

Tube Mill Square Rollforming Machines

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This unique tube mill is designed and manufactured with our European partner Villoria – Bulgaria. It is one of the kind roll mill capable to produce square tubes HF resistance weld in wide range of material thickness from 3mm to 10mm – hot rolled steel in sizes:

  • 100mmX100mmX3mm to 250mmX250mmX10mm
  • Speed 15-35m/min

Material Handling Systems

Rollform Material Handling Systems

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KOLEV Engineering material handling systems are designed to process material at pre-roll forming (pre-punching) stage or at post cut stage for stacking, packaging or bundling. Parts often require post secondary operations automatically, right after roll forming. Our special transfer systems keep the production flow without interruption.

Reservoir and Silos

Reservoir and Silos Rollforming Machines

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This method of constructing Reservoirs & Silos by roll forming and continuous welding use KOLEV’s Vertical and curving roll forming machine. It works with Stainless steel and Hot rolled.

  • Min diameter 4m – max 16m.
  • Material thickness 2mm to 4mm.