Custom Roll Forming Lines

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Custom Roll Forming Lines 

Design and Manufacture by KOLEV Engineering

In the design and manufacture of custom roll forming lines, almost all engineering and manufacturing steps of the process require some level of customization. What makes the roll forming machines design and manufacturing so unique and really custom is the endless combinations between the following:

  • roll-formed product shape (S),
  • material mechanical properties (MMP),
  • different material thickness – same profile (MT),
  • holes pattern and notches (H&N),
  • holes location (HL) and sizes within a certain length,
  • roll forming machine design type (RFMT),
  • quality (RFMQ),
  • age (RFMA),
  • line speed (LS),
  • line configuration – pre-cut or post-cut (LC),
  • cut to length accuracy (CTL)


Custom Roll Forming Line

Kolev Soffit Rollforming Line

KOLEV Custome Soffit 4 Panesl Roll Forming Line

As the following formula shows a custom roll forming line (CRFP) is a function of all these variables:

CRFP = f (S + MMP + MT + H&N + HL + RFMT + RFMQ + RFMA + LS + LC + CTL)

Within the same shape similarity, a small change in one of the above variables creates a brand new combination and requires different and specific solutions.

What is the right roll forming machine or roll forming line solution for your product?

KOLEV Engineering has been designing and manufacturing custom roll forming lines and machines for more than twenty years now. The majority of KOLEV Roll Forming Lines delivered to our clients across North America were custom made – all top quality, all built in our facility in Ontario, Canada.

Most of KOLEV Engineering clients have been in operation for a long time, manufacturing custom roll formed metal products with premium quality and competitive price. A well established and always demanding client base requires delivering consistently roll forming machines and lines with top quality and optimized production process. That, in turn, will enable KOLEV Engineering’s clients to deliver high-quality roll formed products at a very competitive price.

The design and manufacture of custom roll forming machines and lines require a great deal of experience and expertise. KOLEV Engineering Team is used to work and deliver superior solutions to complex roll forming production requirements. Our experience is accumulated in the many years of designing and manufacturing custom roll formers and lines. And our expertise was built by solving the various engineering problems and technical challenges each custom design required.

KOLEV Eng. has a tradition in roll forming design innovation and manufacturing process improvements. All that keeps us in the cutting edge of the custom roll forming design and manufacturing. In addition, delivering top-quality custom roll forming lines with the most advanced and cost-effective solutions to our clients is what sets KOLEV Eng. apart from the competition. We call it NextGen Rollforming®